Children's Martial Arts FAQs


What are the benefits of your children's martial arts program?clientuploads/AMAA Students.jpg

Our youth-oriented martial arts program places an emphasis on leadership skills and character development. Our age-specific programs incorporate life skills training such as focus, self discipline, self control and teamwork. Your child will learn and perform a variety of self-defense, fitness and training drills in a fun and motivating environment. In the process, your child will build a healthy self-confidence that will help them to succeed which is essential to their personal development and academic success.

What style of martial arts will my child be learning?

We specialize in Shaolin Kenpo Karate. Shaolin Kenpo, in its most basic form, is a self defense martial art emphasizing speed, power and accuracy. The self defense techniques your child will learn beginning in their first lesson are simple, yet effective. However, Shaolin Kenpo also offers tremendous growth opportunities for students wanting to study the intricacies of the art form.

Will my child become too aggressive if he/she studies the martial arts?

No. Our students learn self control and the difference between strength and aggression. In fact, the confidence and self control emphasized by martial arts training often help students avoid physical altercations overall.

clientuploads/Erwin H.jpgMy child is not particularly athletic and doesn't participate in sports. Can he/she be good at martial arts?

Definitely. Many parents/children choose the martial arts because it is a great activity for children who do not participate in team sports. Our innovative program, teaching methods and drills will ensure that all students - regardless of their natural physical skills - will have the real sense of accomplishment that comes with reaching their individual potential.

My child is in baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. Can he/she benefit from the martial arts as well?

Yes. Most sports require excellent focus, agility, balance and coordination. The martial arts teach, model and reinforce these and challenge every child to always do their best.


Where can we begin? Grandmaster Castro-Manner, Professor Manner and their entire family are truly a Godsend for us. We love them all so very much. When Isaiah was just 10 years old, we started him in Shaolin Kenpo. He really needed to know he could stand on his own. Under the tutelage, love and direction of the Castro-Manner/Manner family, Isaiah grew tremendously. In December 2007, he received his black belt. His younger brother Jeremiah has become more confident and following along the same path.
Keith & Dianna Brown, Customer Service