Merit Badges




Our merit badges are more than just badges to be worn on a karate gi. They are a component of our life skills education for children. It is an innovative and exciting "Learn to Earn" system that enhances our learning environment. The implementation of merit badges is also a character building system. Through "Learning to Earn", our students acquire the self-esteem that comes only from overcoming challenges to achieve their goals. Awarding merit badges creates an environment that develops self-respect, self-confidence, and self-discipline.

Merit badges offer life skills from confidence building, teamwork values, good character and manners. It also provides our students with invaluable career, physical and interpersonal skills.


clientuploads/A Team-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Academic-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Accuracy-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Attitude-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Balance-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Best Blocks-151x151.jpg
clientuploads/Best Job-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Best kick-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Best punch-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Black Belt-151x151.jpg clientuploads/BULLY -151x151.jpg clientuploads/Character-151x151.jpg
clientuploads/Choices-151x151.jpg clientuploads/commitment-151x151.jpg clientuploads/COMMUNITY -151x151.jpg clientuploads/compassion-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Confidence-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Control-151x151.jpg
clientuploads/Coordination-151x151.jpg clientuploads/courage-151x151.jpg clientuploads/COURTESY 2012-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Determintion-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Discipline-151x151.jpg clientuploads/effort-151x151.jpg
clientuploads/Family-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Fire-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Fitness-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Focus-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Forms-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Goals-151x151.jpg
clientuploads/Gratitude-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Heart-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Honesty-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Honor-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Humility-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Integrity-151x151.jpg
clientuploads/Kata-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Knowledge-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Leader-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Love-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Manners-151x151.jpg clientuploads/memory-151x151.jpg
clientuploads/Patience-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Power-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Practice-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Pride-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Respect-151x151.jpg clientuploads/responsibility 2-151x151.jpg
clientuploads/Sparring-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Speed-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Spirit-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Stances-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Stranger-151x151.jpg clientuploads/STRENGTH -151x151.jpg
    clientuploads/Teamwork-151x151.jpg clientuploads/Tolerance-151x151.jpg    



American Shaolin Kenpo Karate motivates me to keep being the best that I can. I will be honest and admit that I stopped practicing Shaolin Kenpo for my first few years in college. I personally felt that I needed to pursue other interests and use my energy in other ways. I meant no disrespect to my teachings or training, it was just my decision. At first, I was relieved at all of the free time in my schedule. Then, things started to slip... My weight had shot up to 240+lbs. I was slower, less energetic & less focused. It took a few eye-opening experiences to make me realize that I needed Shaolin Kenpo back. I re-started my honest training 18 months ago & NOW, I'm a newly Athletic 181 lbs! I owe it to God, my family, and the lifelong lessons that were taught to me by my 2nd family at the Antioch Martial Arts Academy. THANK GOD FOR AMAA!
Isaiah Brown, Student at Morehouse College