A Woman's Right

Next Workshop - OCTOBER 15TH!

A Woman's Right... is a self-defense workshop designed to empower women of all ages with the mental and physical techniques necessary to defend themselves. These concepts go far beyond kicking and punching. This workshop emphasizes mental preparedness, awareness of surroundings and assertiveness training as well as simple, yet effective self-defense techniques to ensure your personal safety and the safety of your children. 


  • Can I learn how to protect myself and my children if confronted by an attacker?
  • My husband travels a lot. What can I do to keep my family safer?
  • I'm a single mom/woman. Am I strong enough to defend myself from an attacker that's twice my size?
  • I'm concerned about my daughter's safety now that she's away at college. Can we take the workshop together?

Workshop Includes:

  • How to tap into "Mama Bear" mode... whatever it takes attitude!
  • How to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  • How to maximize your strengths and use them against an attacker's weaknesses.
  • Defending yourself against the most common strikes and grabs.
  • How to "break-free" from a front or rear choke.
  • How to escape from a 200 lb. attacker pinning you on your back.

Your personal safety and the safety of your children are priceless. Give yourself and your loved ones the empowerment that comes with having the skills, tactics and strategies to avoid and survive a violent attack.




For more information and to schedule a workshop in your area, contact:

Champions Martial Arts Academy
3620 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94509
(925) 777-0100

Being SAFE ... means being prepared! 

I enrolled my five year old grandson in Antioch Martial Arts Academy karate class not only to learn karate, but so he could learn how to live. Karate teaches the children the art of self defense, but also the ability to focus on a task, to have confidence, self-discipline and control, to set a goal and achieve it, the importance of family and respecting others. My grandson has learned all of this and more from AMAA. He has told me that karate has helped him to focus on his school work and to do his homework every night without his mother "nagging" him. Grandmaster May Castro-Manner is amazing. She sets high standards for her students and communicates her expectations clearly and effectively. The result is that they respect her completely and give her their best effort every time. Physical fitness and exercise are an important part of each karate class, and Grandmaster Castro-Manner has instilled this in her students. This is so important especially today when children are not nearly as active as they should be and childhood obesity is at an all-time high. I am so grateful that my grandson is learning all of these life skills at such an early age. He has been enrolled in karate for two years now, and it is my hope that he will carry these skills with him as he grows up and faces all the challenges life will bring. He will be much better equipped to handle whatever comes his way because of his experience with AMAA. I believe in AMAA and Grandmaster Castro-Manner so strongly that I drive from El Cerrito to Antioch twice a week--I want my grandson to learn from the best.
Louise Ozawa, Retired