What makes us different...

...from the other Karate schools out there? FAMILY! We are offering 3 generations of family with more than 100 years of experience and love for this art to your family, and with this wealth of knowledge comes an understanding of not only the art of Shaolin Kenpo, but the balance and self-esteem it will bring to your child.

Sure, we concentrate on fitness, focus, and discipline like most schools; but we take this a step further with teamwork and a desire to give back as a group through our ďRandom Acts of KindnessĒ program that reminds our children of the importance of helping one another and our community as a whole.

We know the dangers and temptations our children face every day and peer pressure they must overcome. I believe together we can help guide your child and give them the confidence to stand up for themselves and others by always thinking with their minds, and doing the right thing.

You will see your child grow in so many ways, and we want to be witness to their achievements. I am proud to say that Iím still in contact with many of my former students, and Iím glad to hear the difference our school made to them, and I cherish those memories because they too made a difference in MY life. Our commitment is to families, education and community. Please take the time to visit our school and letís make a difference together.


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Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro, Mrs. Pat Castro with five of their seven children, (left to right) Professor June Castro-Michalowski, Grandmaster Rob Castro, Grandmaster Boss Castro, Grandmaster May Castro-Manner and Professor July Castro-Steinhorn. Grandmaster May Castro-Manner, Professor Wil Manner, and four of their six children. "A family that trains together, stays together," said Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro, when asked the importance of martial arts and family.


Meghan's confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. She loves coming to AMAA and we love the "complete package" that's being taught at AMAA. Not just the martial arts, but also the equal emphasis placed on respect, ethics and good citizenship. Grandmaster, Professor, all their instructors & the STORM Team are true role models.
Danny Richardson, Software Manager